About Us

Our Start

Our Purpose

DesignFlo was established in 2018 by two FIRST Robotics mentors who wanted to provide more competitive resources for the increasing number of robotics programs. As time went on the idea faded but not the passion. In 2020 we committed to bringing our dream into reality. We invested in an infrastructure of 3D printers, CNC routers, and CNC mills to deliver quality services to teams. We know teams want to build competitive robots so we have developed our own line of COTS components to assist you. If we can’t find a solution internally, we will leverage our resources to make sure that we can always provide a way for you to continue to stay ahead of the game.

It doesn’t just stop at FRC, if you are a designer, hobbyist, or company looking for small batch production prototypes, unique models, or just a small toy to play with we strive to deliver a high quality, low cost option for producing whatever you need. We strive to be able to inspire others to innovate. We want to see creators be able to easily iterate their designs. We’ve gained multiple connections and machines which help us produce custom parts to fit any team’s needs. Let us help you flo through the iterative process.

Our Team


Ronnie Sherrer

CEO & Founder

Ronnie is a mechanical engineer with experience in the tooling and machining industry. He has been involved in FIRST Robotics for 13 years and is currently mentoring with Team 3542 in Temperance, MI!


Zack Moore

COO & Founder

Zack is a mechanial engineer with experience in mechanical design and engineering services. He has been involved in FIRST Robotics for 13 year and is currently mentoring with Team 503 in Novi, MI!